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A Journey to Well Being
In an age where most people find and research local businesses and services online, creating a website is a crucial step to starting a new venture. When Well Being Counseling & Whole Health reached out to us, they were ready to start promoting their new counseling center and needed a website to get started.
Web Design
Well Being Counseling & Whole Health is a counseling and wellness center in Baltimore that offers therapy to children, adults, and couples. Their approach is rooted in kindness and non-judgement, and we could tell from the get-go that friendliness and empathy were strong tenants of their operation. With this in mind, and the knowledge that making a therapy appointment can often be a daunting experience, we wanted to make sure that their web design and messaging exuded that same warm and inviting aura we felt from the center’s founder and director.
Image Discovery

During the Discovery phase of a web design project, we always do what we call “image discovery,” in which our design team pulls together different types of imagery — people, faces, landscapes, illustrations, etc. — in order to get the client’s gut reactions on the different general aesthetics of each image.

The Healing Power of Nature

During this image discovery process, we found that our client was drawn toward the images that depicted nature, especially flowers and trees. Because Well Being Counseling’s logo is a bumble bee, using images of nature really pulled the brand aesthetic together into a beautiful and cohesive idea that tied in the healing power of nature and the natural cycle of life.

A Breath of Fresh Air

We further tied in their bumble bee logo by using the hexagonal shape of honeycomb as a design flourish throughout the site, and employing a golden yellow as the primary brand color, reminiscent of honey. When all these elements are put together, we have a clean, soothing aesthetic that feels like breath of fresh air. 

Crafting the Messaging
Because Well Being Counseling is a fairly new enterprise, they hadn’t fully fleshed out their messaging. Our copywriting team worked with the Well Being team to create content for their About page and Service pages. Creating an “Our Approach” section really set the foundation for what the Well Being brand and messaging wanted to accomplish.
An Inviting Place to Learn
Each one of Well Being’s three services got its own interior page, which consisted of soothing imagery and empathetic language in order to make users feel safe and comfortable on each page. We broke the content down into digestible sections, with a clear call to action to get in touch at the end of each page.
Getting in Touch
The Contact page of the website was created for two audiences: those who wanted to get in touch to schedule a therapy appointment, and those who were interested in working with Well Being Counseling as part of their team. We added a dropdown menu to the form so that the user could select their reason for getting in touch, helping Well Being more easily address the needs of each contact.
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Meet Side•Sea
We wanted everything about the Well Being Counseling website to exude positivity and serenity. It made for a serene process for our team -- sourcing imagery of beautiful landscapes and nature and working with bright, calming colors set the tone for the entire project. I think the finished product accomplished exactly the aesthetic Well Being was going for.
Orion Alden
Creative Director
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