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Branding • Logo Design

Maine + Tenacious

Main + Tenacious is a community that helps homeowners overcome any and all hiccups to home maintenance so that they can fully enjoy and relax in their home. They needed help crafting a brand that resonates with their audience and bringing their beloved mascot to life.

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Messaging • Web Design

Nurtury Early Education

Nurtury Early Education needed a robust, custom-built site with streamlined, simplified, and easily understood content. One of the main goals of this project was to create an interface allowing those seeking care to easily search among 140+ locations and find a child care provider near them with openings.

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Web Design • Copywriting

Church Of The Epiphany Day School

The Church of the Epiphany Day School, or CEDS for short, was looking for elevated branding and a new website that would reflect their values and help increase enrollment.

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Web Design • Copywriting • Animation • Ecommerce

Pot + Pan Kitchen

With the sale of recreational marijuana newly legal in the state of Maine, businesses like Pot + Pan are facing increased demand and a fresh new market of consumers.

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Branding • Logo Design • Messaging • Web design

Hair Matters

Still in its early stages as a nonprofit, Hair Matters needed a strong brand and website as they built their community for cancer patients and hairstylists.

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Logo design • Branding • web design

Old Orchard Beach Campground

While camping is all about putting down your screen and enjoying nature, it’s still important for campgrounds like Old Orchard Beach Campground to have a sophisticated online presence.

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Branding • Art Direction • Messaging • Web Design


Working with an organization created by seasoned performers like WeAre, we knew we had to dream up a website that stole the show.

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Branding • Web Design • E-Commerce • Software Development


Branding-wise, WYB needed a major refresh, which meant elevating its online presence to the level of other industry leaders.

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Web Design • Copywriting • Fundraising

K9s on The Front Line

K9s on The Front Line is an organization that serves both Veterans and dogs by using their resources and expertise to pair people struggling with PTSD with shelter dogs who need a home. They wanted to increase their fundraising and corporate sponsorships in order to expand their reach.

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Web Design • Copywriting • E-Commerce

Great East Butcher Company

Like a lot of small businesses in the year 2020, Great East Butcher Company needed a more robust online presence and better functionality when it came to online ordering and curbside pickup.

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Web Design • Copywriting • Software Development • Branding


Apprisen is a nonprofit that helps people tackle their debt and forge a path to financial freedom. In order to make their services more accessible, they needed a new, modern website and web application.

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Web Design

SeaChange Capital

Finances are hard for anyone to navigate, let alone a boot-strapped nonprofit. SeaChange wanted their new website to be as accessible and inviting as possible, providing clear solutions and calls-to-action that wouldn’t intimidate prospective clients.

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