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SeaChange wanted to make the organization more accessible and comprehensible to both nonprofits and donors through a website that’s inspiring and easy to navigate.
Web Design
Software Development
SeaChange is different because it offers a more hands-on and creative approach, taking more risks and creating a better understanding of financial intricacies in the nonprofit sector. We partnered with SeaChange to refresh their old website and successfully highlight their analytical, original, and reliable expertise. While maintaining the same color palette, visual branding, and typefaces, we created a more engaging website that definitely stands out.
Enhancing Engagement

We incorporated curved lines and interactive features to make the website more friendly and engaging. This truly added to the welcoming feel and the idea that all nonprofits can achieve positive change and progress with our client’s help.

Framing Change

We wanted to include powerful imagery of people in action, making change every step of the way. The image cards, resembling picture frames, serve as a compelling visual reminder of the organization’s meaningful work and its profound impact on people’s lives.

Showcasing Real Impact

Showcasing real stories has always been important to us. We wanted to create an exciting journey for all the users through impactful stories, inspiring highlights, and transformative programs.

Sleek and Filtered
SeaChange website features filtered portfolio, and displays detailed side panels and an index of previous partners to maintain the website's sleek appearance and enhance user experience.
Easy Connections
The team developed a straightforward and inviting Contact Us section that features specific drop-down lists ensuring SeaChange knows exactly what services users are looking for from the very start.
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Orion Alden
Maggie Nugent
Content Director
Yoon Kim
Tim Hunt
Junior Developer
Meet Side•Sea
Partnering with SeaChange, we crafted an inspiring and user-friendly website that highlights the organization's hands-on approach and expertise in the nonprofit sector. A blend of powerful imagery, impactful storytelling, and a sleek interface make the SeaChange's refreshed website an inviting place for positive change and progress within the nonprofit community.
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