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While camping is an opportunity to put down your screen and reconnect with friends, family, and nature, it’s still important for campgrounds like Old Orchard Beach Campground to have a sophisticated online presence. A brand refresh and website redesign makes planning a camping trip quicker and easier than ever.
Logo design
web design
Old Orchard Beach Campground is a family-owned camping operation based in our beautiful neighboring town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. While most people use camping as a time to step away from the internet, the process of planning and booking a camping trip has been simplified exponentially by functional websites that allow users to find and reserve their spot with a few clicks. OOB campground wanted to make this a reality for their own customers, so we set out to modernize their brand and website experience, positioning them as leaders in the Maine summer tourism industry.
A Sampling of Stylescapes

As always, the first thing we want to do at the start of a branding project is to get a feel for our client’s design aesthetic. Our design team puts together what we call “stylescapes,” three different collages of imagery, colors, and type, each with its own distinct aesthetic. We used OOB’s gut reactions to each of these to help determine their overall visual preferences.

A Modern Logo Refresh

Next, the logo. OOB Campground actually loved their current logo, but knew it needed a refresh. So we set to work and presented two new logo options that used the same elements of their old logo — a sun setting over the water — but gave it a modern treatment and added their brand colors.

The Colors of the Outdoors

With a clean, refreshed brand, we got to work on web design. We pulled together a color palette inspired by their logo colors — ocean blue and sunset orange — and added a complimentary brown. We ended up pairing that brown color with a wooden texture overlay throughout the site, evoking the image of a campfire or a log cabin.

Exploring the Grounds
Old Orchard Beach Campground is broken into four different areas, each with its own site types, features, and amenities. We gave each area its own dedicated interior page so that users could easily explore the perks of each, and used fun illustrated icons to indicate what types of sites each area included.
Camping Icons Keep Pricing Cute
Rates and amenities differ depending on which type of site the user books. We created this beautifully designed pricing chart with camping-themed icons to list out the features of each site in an engaging, comprehensive way.
A List of Local Attractions
OOB Campground strives to be as welcoming and accommodating to their guests as possible, which is why it was important for them to maintain a “Local Attractions” page, which gives a comprehensive list of things for guests to do during their stay in OOB. We created this easy-to-browse grid that allows guests to filter based on what type of activity they’re looking for.
A Couple Clicks to Book
For quick and seamless campsite booking, we integrated a third party reservation platform called Campspot. When the user clicks any of the “Go Camping” or “Reserve Now” calls-to-action, they’re immediately directed to OOB’s Campspot page which allows them to enter in their desired dates, choose their campsite, and complete the reservation process.
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I loved that the team at Old Orchard Beach Campground was immediately drawn to the retro camping aesthetic. Camping in general evokes the feeling of "the good old days," and that was the mindset we got in when working on the redesign. The sepia-like oranges and browns, the wood-textured overlays, and the folksy typeface really give the brand a look that's both dated and timeless. When we pair this with modern functionality, we achieve a website that's familiar and easy.
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