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Bringing the Party to the Page
In an era where web design seems to constantly hurtle toward the newest trends and functionalities, e-commerce sites can sometimes feel like the forgotten middle child of the design world, oftentimes favoring reliable functionality over slick design trends. But can’t we have both?
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Here’s the Lowdown
When we partnered with the e-commerce site WearYourBeer, we knew we had to create an experience that matched the fun of the brand itself. Afterall, WYB is a company that sells beer-themed merchandise — it’s a name and brand that radiates a party vibe. Their audience skews toward a younger crowd — think the overlap between Millennials and Gen Z — meaning they’re a demographic that grew up in front of screens. When it comes to an online shopping experience, they’re going to put their trust in sites with strong design and strong performance.
Meeting Industry Standards
Branding-wise, WYB needed a major refresh. We wanted to elevate them to the level of other industry leaders. Looking at retail giants like Nike, Nordstrom, or Adidas, we’re able to identify the elements that make their sites successful -- strong brand colors, bold and elegant typefaces, and the integration of lifestyle shots with standard product photography. We used these benchmarks to create a modern aesthetic for WYB.
Rethinking E-commerce Design
To accomplish an e-commerce site that catered to a younger demographic, we relied on vibrant lifestyle imagery paired with fun messaging and typography - a clear diversion from the standard product grid that populates a majority of e-commerce landing pages.
A Refreshed Product Grid

On the shop pages, we pulled in the ubiquitous product grid, but with modern design sensibilities – clean, vibrant, with robust filtering and categorization functionality, making it easy to find the product you want.

Centering the User Experience

We put best UX practices to use on the product single pages as well, designing a clean, uncluttered page with clear calls to action. By using design thinking and analyzing the way a user interacts with UI elements like the dropdown menus, product ratings, size charts, etc., we created an intuitive and easy design layout in a relatively small area. Each product page has multiple image views, strong headers and concise descriptions, and a list of product reviews populated below the images and details.

Checking in on the Checkout

Our team of developers took on the huge task of developing a proprietary ecommerce platform for WYB. When it came to creating a checkout process, we studied other successful platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento to create a process that exemplified all the best practices. By using heatmaps and detailed event analytics, we were able to optimize friction points and increase checkout conversion rates by 59.43%.

An Email Marketing Makeover

Another important piece of WearYourBeer’s refresh was their email marketing strategy. With an updated website experience, we needed strong email campaigns to match. We focused on conversion-centric design with compelling product and lifestyle imagery and bold and engaging messaging brought to life by strong typography choices. This updated aesthetic, paired with prominent calls-to-action, significantly boosted the open and conversion rates.

Success by the Numbers:

increase in revenue


increase in conversion


increase in new customers

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Technical Lead
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Meet Side•Sea
The rebranding and retooling of the WYB website opened my eyes to the power of conversion-centric design. The proof is in the numbers — by implementing modern design standards and e-commerce best practices, we increased revenue by a stunning 75%. I’m looking forward to continuing honing our processes and seeing what other amazing benchmarks we can meet with side•sea!
Roy Laniado
Founder of Wear Your Beer
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