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Cooking Up a Fresh Experience
With the sale of recreational marijuana newly legal in the state of Maine, businesses like Pot + Pan, who specialize in cannabis-infused edibles, are facing increased demand and a fresh new market of consumers. Pot + Pan decided to meet this moment with a brand refresh and new website that would help them scale their business.
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Here’s the Lowdown
If we’re keeping with the cooking analogy, let’s say that Pot + Pan came to us with all the right ingredients. First of all, they had just had their packaging redone by another local branding shop, Might & Main . Not only did their 1950s kitchen-inspired design serve as an obvious starting point for our team, we were also able to use some of the assets Might & Main created, laying a solid foundation for the site as a whole. Pot + Pan also had beautiful, professionally shot videos that show their making process. With these elements, plus Pot + Pan’s awesome line of products, we knew we had a recipe for an entertaining and rewarding user experience.
Identifying Brand Elements

Presented with Might & Main’s beautiful packaging assets, our design team got to work at identifying which elements we could use on the site. We honed in on the retro kitchen elements, using these as the foundation of our color palette and overall design.

Adding the Animation

After identifying which brand elements we wanted to use, we decided to have a little fun with them. To create some movement in the hero banner and throughout the site, we added little bursts of animation. A rattling pot on a stove, a bubbling cauldron, and a beaker of effervescence inject each page with life.

Completing the Aesthetic

While we loved the way the illustrations looked on the site, we wanted to add a little realism for contrast, using Best Website Design practices. We selected some bright imagery and used the professional footage Pot + Pan had of their baking process, creating a nice balance between whimsical and professional.

Age Verification Refresh
Age verification pages are required for websites selling marijuana products. These can be cumbersome and bland, two things we desperately wanted to avoid. We decided on a functionality that didn’t require the user to enter in their birthday. Simple, modern “Dope” or “Nope” buttons make the necessary age verification quick and fun.
An E-Commerce Update
Pot + Pan’s old site was split in two: a landing page and a separate Shopify site that housed their products. On their new site, we used a WooCommerce plugin that let us integrate an online shop, allowing for that seamless shopping experience every user expects.
Keeping Clients in Contact
Aside from selling their own goodies, Pot + Pan acts as a full-service kitchen for businesses who need manufacturing and processing services. For these clients, we created a gated page that users could access with a username and password. The page lets Pot + Pan keep in contact with these clients, with a spot for announcements, featured products, and the ability to place orders.
Getting a Handle on Wholesale
Pot + Pan, ever versatile in what they’re capable of, handles wholesale orders as well. We needed to create a way to give approved clients access to wholesale orders in the online shop. People interested in becoming wholesale customers have the opportunity to register on the site, and once they’re approved, they’ll receive a password from Pot + Pan that gives them access to wholesale pricing.
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When a client comes to us with new and impressive branding, like the assets created by Might & Main, it can be a wonderful challenge for our design team. It’s always great to work with other local design experts, and we had a lot of fun applying Might & Main’s work, which was intended for packaging, and turning it into an immersive, digital brand experience.
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