Veterans Housing Alliance
Securing Homes for Those Who Protect Ours
Veterans Housing Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Veterans and Military personnel achieve homeownership. We collaborated with VHA to develop a user-friendly website that prominently features their programs, services, and online fundraising capabilities through the use of curated images and concise copy.
Web Design
Online Fundraising
The Veterans Housing Alliance’s goal is to increase home ownership rates among local Veterans by providing financial aid and education programs to assist in the process. They needed a captivating website that was Veteran focused and easy to navigate through the various programs that the VHA offers. We incorporated impactful copywriting to set the tone VHA was looking for as well as helping to build up their Online Fundraising capabilities.
Logos & Colors

Employing powerful dark blue lines to stand out against a white background, the Veterans Housing Alliance logo evokes the impression of a protective shield that features the VHA logo in front of an icon illustrating an American Flag transitioning into a home. The color palette used throughout the website features calming blues with strategic touches of red for vibrant accents.

Patriotic Branding

We integrated patriotic branding as the backdrop to convey the exceptional quality of work while aligning seamlessly with VHA’s core mission of supporting Veterans and Military personnel in their journey toward homeownership.

Military Imagery

Working with Veterans Housing Alliance, we were able to curate a customized gallery of stock photos that align with the VHA brand and emphasized the importance of showing diversity amongst the military community.

Programs / Services
The central focus while working with Veterans Housing Alliance was to make their various services and programs easy to find and understand. Recognizing that buying your first home can be extremely stressful, we wanted to showcase VHA’s programs and services front and center with clear and concise copy to facilitate a streamlined and user-friendly experience.
We designed an area on the website for users to immediately see the impact VHA has had on the military community by the numbers. This tailored feature not only offers donors and users insight into how funds and resources are being utilized, but also distinguishes Veterans Housing Alliance's website from other nonprofit platforms.
To highlight the projects that The Veterans Housing Alliance are working on at the moment, we designed a Fundraising section that works as an engaging way to visually track the status of projects while encouraging users to learn more and consider contributing themselves.
Grant Application
We designed a Grant Application to match the website’s user-friendly flow that focused on streamlined simplicity while staying consistent with VHA’s mission to help Veterans understand the home buying process and resources available in the market today.
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Maggie Nugent
Content Director
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Meet Side•Sea
Working with Veterans Housing Alliance has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Their passion for serving Veterans is evident, and we are honored to have been part of the team that helps make homeownership dreams a reality for those who have served our nation
Maggie Nugent
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