FocusMaine • Non-Profit
Advancing Prosperity for Maine Families
Distilling complex ideas into compelling, user-friendly content can be a challenge. FocusMaine needed a fresh approach to communicate their mission effectively. We partnered with them to create a website that brings their vision to life with clarity and visual appeal, effectively showcasing their work and engaging all Mainers in their mission to enhance the state's economy.
Logo Desing
Web Design
FocusMaine is dedicated to boosting Maine's economy by promoting growth in the food and bioeconomy sectors. We partnered with them to deliver a comprehensive branding package, including logo design, messaging, and web design. Our collaboration resulted in a clear, visually enticing website that brings FocusMaine’s ideas to life and inspires all Mainers to embrace 'the way life should be'.
A Fresh Look for Maine's Economy

We refreshed FocusMaine’s color palette, choosing blue and green to evoke trust and growth. This modernized their visual identity, aligning closely with their mission and reinforcing their commitment to a vibrant, sustainable future.

Aesthetic Edge for FocusMaine

We designed custom graphics and patterns to enhance the overall feel of the website and marketing materials. They added aesthetic appeal and helped communicate FocusMaine’s work effectively across various platforms.

Focusing on Visual Storytelling

Imagery is a powerful storytelling tool. That’s why we integrated captivating visuals throughout the site. These visuals, paired with easy-to-digest impact stats, create a unique narrative that enhances the user experience and effectively conveys the story. This approach not only engages visitors but also helps them understand the information in a memorable way.

Easy & Intuitive Donation Process
We designed a streamlined, user-friendly donation form to simplify the process and enhance the overall experience for donors, making it more intuitive and enjoyable.
Building Trust with Testimonials
Client testimonials are vital for building trust and credibility on any website. By pairing these testimonials with beautiful imagery, we highlighted positive client experiences in an engaging way. This approach validates FocusMaine services and creates a compelling narrative that attracts and reassures potential clients.
Spotlighting Support with Funders’ Logos

We allocated space to feature funders’ logos prominently on the site. This design element further enhances credibility and appeals to potential clients by showcasing the support and trust FocusMaine receives from established organizations.

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Orion Alden
Megan Lumenello
Content Director
Anja Sevo
Megan Mitchell
Tyler Moulton
Yoon Kim
Sasa Jovanovic
Tim Hunt
Junior Developer
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Our collaboration with FocusMaine successfully transformed their digital presence, effectively communicating their mission to boost Maine's economy. Through comprehensive branding, including logo design, messaging, and web design, we crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly website. The result is a cohesive, engaging website that inspires trust and drives engagement, perfectly aligning with FocusMaine's vision for a sustainable future.
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