Foundation for Hearing Research • Nonprofit • Early Education
Transforming Lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
The Foundation for Hearing Research needed a robust, custom-built site. As an umbrella organization, they needed virtual real-estate to elaborate on the four programs they run and an easy way for families to enroll in these programs. They also needed to provide information and resources to families of deaf and hard of hearing children.
Web Design
For 56 years, the Foundation for Hearing Research has been transforming the lives of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Through their four programs, they teach children to listen, speak, and learn using a proven spoken language and cognitive development curriculum, family-centered education, and innovative technology.
Crafting a Unique Identity

Building on the Weingarten Children’s Center’s great reputation, we set out to give it a standout visual identity. We dived into creating various logos and typography, which led to unique designs for the center and its parent foundation.

Vibrant Branding Through Colors of Change

With the new logos, we laid the groundwork for a unified branding system. We blended the color schemes from existing sub-brands to forge a vibrant visual identity across the organization. This approach crafted a fun, child-friendly look that resonates with families and their young ones, making our message more engaging and accessible.

Testimonials Built on Trust
Testimonials are a powerful way to build trust with potential clients. Families want to ensure their children will be taken care of in a high-quality program that’s both safe and effective. Hearing good stories about the Foundation from other families lets them know they can expect positive results. Using this new branding system, we were able to showcase these testimonials in a fun and engaging way.
Mapping the Year of Learning
The Weingarten Children’s Center operates as a school and clinic in Redwood City, California that uses a cognitive curriculum to teach LSL in conjunction with observation, reasoning, and social and emotional development. They have various events throughout the year and it was imperative to be able to showcase those in a functional and easy-to-use way. We added in a calendar so families could see everything at a glance and plan accordingly.
Interactive Journey Through Time
The Weingarten Children’s Center was founded in 1967 by eight families that believed their children with profound deafness could listen, speak, and learn. With 55 years of experience under their belt, they know what they’re doing. We had to showcase this rich history to build trust amongst users. We created an interactive timeline to visually convey milestones in the Foundation’s history.
Heartfelt Support through Donations
Support from a generous community is essential for nonprofit endeavors. At the Foundation, we recognized the importance of an inviting donation page. By merging a vibrant color scheme with heartwarming images of children, we've crafted an engaging space that simplifies and enriches the donation process, inviting individuals to joyfully contribute and join our impactful cause.
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Building Language
The Foundation now has a framework for creating a strong visual identity. With a new site for the parent organization and pages for each program, The Foundation has a beautiful website they can use to communicate their value to potential families. Families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing can easily enroll in the program that best suits their needs and access resources to stay well informed.
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