What Client Needed:
VividPrice needed a tailored landing page website to effectively showcase their innovative software solutions. Our goal was to create a platform that enhances user engagement while seamlessly integrating with their existing infrastructure.
Web Design
Who Client Is:
VividPrice is a leading provider of cloud-based pricing transparency software designed for medical offices to clearly show patients their treatment costs, aiming to improve revenue and operational efficiency.
What We Provided:
We developed a user-friendly website, prioritizing a simple, SaaS-inspired design that incorporates subtle elements and pops of color, featuring a hero section with a video of a user exploring the calculator.
Key Features at a Glance

Curated icons and a comprehensive list of features were crafted to effectively convey the software’s functionality, including real-time cost values and healthcare legal compliance.

Unveiling the Extra Benefits of VividPrice

A dynamic slider was integrated into the website, providing an interactive way for users to explore and understand the extensive additional benefits of using VividPrice. This feature allows for a more engaging user experience, highlighting key advantages such as enhanced administrative efficiency, real-time cost visuals, and customizable pricing options.

A Personalized Demonstration

The website features a compelling call to action, strategically prompting users to take the next step and request a personalized demo. This approach not only enhances user engagement but also empowers potential customers to experience firsthand how our solutions can meet their specific needs.

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Orion Alden
Megan Mitchell
Anja Sevo
Sasa Jovanovic
Meet Side•Sea
Our journey with VividPrice was exhilarating. We integrated their innovative spirit into a sleek, user-friendly website with SaaS-inspired elements and interactive features that engage users while showcasing real-time cost visibility and legal compliance. Collaborating with VividPrice has been not only professionally fulfilling but also inspiring.
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