Podcast Covers
Where Art Meets Auditory
Crafting podcast covers is an art of distillation. Each cover is a meticulously crafted piece, harmonizing colors, typography, and imagery to capture attention in a crowded audio landscape. We’ve partnered with them to showcase their rapidly growing market online.
Podcast Covers
Teaming up with a range of diverse clients, we've transformed ideas into compelling artwork and branding. Each project is an adventure in capturing the heart of their message in visuals that resonate long after the first glance. By blending storytelling with technical mastery, we work alongside renowned brands to elevate their profiles and drive real success through engaging audio narratives.
Captivate with Simplicity

Podcasts pose a unique challenge compared to web design. Despite being static, they must captivate on their own or amidst a sea of options. It’s their simplicity that brings an exciting edge to the challenge and gives a potential listener some food for thought.

Ideation and Sketching

Our process starts with the simplicity of paper and pencil, allowing us to brainstorm freely. Through initial research and competitor awareness, we aim for innovative designs. We draw inspiration from key elements that define the podcast, anything from skulls to DNA, blending imagery and typography in a uniquely creative way.

Journey Through Typography

Our typographic audit marks the first digital step, drawing inspiration from our sketches to inform our next decisions. In this phase, we’re pulling as many options to choose from while still trying to inspire any new ideas.

Draft & Craft Until Perfect

Our groundwork simplifies our task at this point. We blend and rework our ideas on composition and typography through creative ideation and iteration. Then, we bring in textures, colors, moods, photography, and other visual elements to enrich the design’s vision. This foundation makes swapping images at the last minute seamless.

A Wide Variety
This approach allows us to offer different top picks to our clients. Every chosen design showcases the best of each idea, revealing the wide range of possibilities our team explored. While variety is valuable, it also highlights elements still in flux, providing clarity for our clients.
Visual Ambiance

The final selection is curated by weaving together the various ideas, images, graphics, and types to create a visual ambiance that offers the user an idea of what to expect from the podcast. Our goal is to create something that will work within the podcast genre and stand uniquely on its own. 

Sometimes Photography is not the Answer
Every client's iteration process can take on a unique form, showcased here through a diverse array of illustration and graphic elements, featuring a wide range of styles and variations.
“Bring out the Talent”

While the final selection in this illustrative example may appear subdued compared to the vibrant examples above, rest assured it is informed by the entirety of our exploration, encompassing both the wild and the refined.

“For All”

In podcasts, simplicity is key, especially in topics like politics and civil rights. Bold and straightforward messages resonate best.

“Bitter Blood”

In this example, the imagery of torn paper, coupled with the stark contrast of white and red, creates a compelling narrative of ‘paper violence,’ invoking a powerful and abstract sense of action.

Orion Alden
Karla Harkness
Project Manager
Maggie Nugent
Content Director
Tyler Moulton
Meet Side•Sea
Designing podcast covers is the kind of challenge that our design team is always up for. It's where creativity meets strategy, and every project is an invitation to transform concepts into visually compelling and unforgettable designs. It also opens the doors for some really fun creative design solutions & concepts.
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