Full Plates Full Potential • Non-profit
Ending Child Hunger in Maine
Each year, Full Plates Full Potential awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to Maine schools in an effort to stave off child hunger. We partnered with them to create a website that would help them expand their community and amplify their impact.
Web Design
Software Development
Here’s the Lowdown
Full Plates Full Potential is a compassionate organization working to eradicate child hunger in Maine. By partnering with local businesses, they’ve been able to award hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of grants to schools throughout the state to help ensure that every child is properly fed at school. Full Plates Full Potential came to us with an established logo, minimal color palette, and a huge amount of impressive work they’ve done to end child hunger in Maine. Our job? Turn that into a comprehensive website with a clear brand, message, and impact.
Building the Brand

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you hear the name “Full Plates Full Potential?” A plate heaping with food, right? While it was our gut reaction to use plate imagery, we quickly realized during our Discovery process that a classic cafeteria tray was a much more potent symbol of what FPFP was all about.

Animating the Impact

Moreover, adding animation to the tray to show it slowly filling up with food drove the message home: Full Plates Full Potential is facilitating the process needed to put food on the trays of hungry kids all over the state. This created a hero banner that became the foundation of the design aesthetic we used throughout the site.

Setting the Tone

With an animated tray in FPFP’s branded green, filled with colorful food, our design team began adding complimentary colors to our palette – Dark navys and clean, white space offset the brand’s saturated blue and green and struck a nice balance between playful and serious.

We are extremely satisfied with side•sea. From the beginning, they listened to our specific website needs, helped us build our vision, and worked hard to build a functional and attractive site—all at an affordable price. We would highly recommend side•sea to anyone looking to build a professional website.
Justin Alfond
Jumping into the Action
Full Plates Full Potential accomplishes its mission in two ways: Feed Kids Grants and Feed Kids Partners (we’ll delve into that more below). We wanted to create an engaging jumping-in point for each of these programs on the homepage. An animated roll-over effect expands each program for more info.
Application Made Easy
On the Grants page, we put our development team to work, asking them to build software that allows FPFP to easily create, manage, and follow up on incoming grant applications. We also created an automated email sequence for application approvals, denials, and follow-ups. Automating this application process frees up precious time for FPFP, allowing them to focus more on connecting schools with the grants they need. The ability for the user to save their progress while filling out an application was also a game-changer, helping increase the number of completed applications.
Building a Community
One of the most amazing parts about Full Plates Full Potential is the way they got the whole community involved. Feed Kids Partners gives local restaurants and businesses the ability to designate a product or menu item of which the portion of the proceeds will go directly to FPFP. This means both business owners and their patrons can support hungry kids in an easy, impactful way.
Meet Your Local Heros
Each Feed Kids Partner gets their own dedicated page on the website. Our design team created a clean, beautiful template with easy-to-fill content sections so that each partner can customize their page with images and text.
Easy Donation Management
Our development team created an application that allows Full Plates Full Potential and the Feed Kids Partners to track progress, send automatic invoices for partner donations, and record donation payments. The app syncs to the website, showing key stats on the partner pages in the form of the dashboard pictured above.
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Meet Side•Sea
Working with Full Plates Full Potential was a real opportunity to do some impactful work. They came to us with a very minimal established brand—an empty tray, so to speak—and it was up to us to fill in the gaps with a robust, cohesive design aesthetic that they could be proud of. We also had a unique opportunity to use our software development skills to help streamline some of their more work-intensive manual processes, which felt really good. This means they have more time to focus on their mission.
Orion Alden
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