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If they don’t have it, you don’t need it
Barking Dawg Market was bought by new owners and needed a new website and logo to match. This required new site e-commerce functionality so customers could take advantage of curbside pickup and shipped orders with the potential to add delivery services.
Web Design
Logo Design
Barking Dawg Market is a purveyor of fine things, from wine and spirits to meats and cheeses. Everything customers could need on the mountain has been gathered under one roof for convenience. Customers can warm their hands with hot coffee or hand warmers, their insides with homemade meatballs or the hot soup of the day, and their souls with handmade blueberry pie or a monster whoopie pie. When customers walk in the door, they are greeted with a smile from cheerful staff and return to the plethora of outdoor activities featured in the heart of Maine’s Lakes & Mountains region. They’re here for you; if they don’t have it, you don’t need it.
Logo/Color Palette
The previous logo was red and black. We wanted to keep those core brand colors and create a cohesive color palette. Red became the primary brand color, and the design team added black, teal, and cream to create a clean and bold look. The team made the logo more modern and refined by removing the previous illustration and making it typography-based. Altogether, this creates an informal yet unique aesthetic.
Online Menu

It’s a known fact that after picking up groceries, you can get fast food as a treat for completing your responsibilities as an adult. An online menu was imperative for showcasing all the delicious options available. Customers can pick up ingredients to prepare meals later and instantly satisfy their cravings with pizza, sandwiches, and salads, finishing off with something sweet from the bakery.

One of the project requirements was e-commerce integration. Grocery stores nationwide have online ordering capabilities, and it made sense for Barking Dawg to have this, too. With a desktop or mobile device, customers can shop at the market from anywhere virtually, completing day-to-day tasks with ease. Shopping for essentials has never been more convenient when paired with in-store pickup.
Online Shop

Barking Dawg offers groceries, libations, and fresh food made daily. With all these options, it’s easy to get lost in the vast array of product offerings. Giant product images make it easy to see everything at a glance. With category filters, it’s easy for users to find the goods they seek. Suppose there’s something specific a customer is looking for. In that case, they can use the keyword search bar to see if such an item is available.

Responsive Design
The redesigned website was meticulously crafted to ensure optimal functionality across various devices, embracing a responsive design approach. Recognizing the diverse ways users access information, we prioritized a seamless experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The website's layout and elements dynamically adjust to different screen sizes, maintaining visual appeal and usability across the board.
Contact Form

The Market is a community staple for the people and businesses of Newry. They provide spirits catering services for local events and wholesale services for bars and restaurants. Therefore, it was imperative to feature a contact form for potential customers to contact the staff to address any questions or concerns.

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Project Manager
Orion Alden
Maggie Nugent
Content Director
Zane Griffin
Meet Side•Sea
The Barking Dawg Market is a grocery store in Newry, Maine, serving locals and tourists visiting the mountain. They needed a new e-commerce website with online ordering capabilities. We created a cohesive color palette by adding teal, cream, and black for a modern and lively aesthetic. Because they also offer fresh food cooked in-house, we created a page to host their menu options so customers can see all the available options. It was imperative to add online ordering capabilities for customers to pick up items in-store, eventually allowing the market to expand into delivery services. Local vendors interested in wholesale spirits can use the contact form to get in touch. Barking Dawg can better serve its customers on the mountain with this new tool.
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