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Where Comfort Meets Awesome
Shapleigh is known for its comfortable and stylish offerings, but they needed assistance showcasing it to the world. At side•sea, we specialize in turning big ideas into standout websites. We partnered with Shapleigh to create a user-friendly e-commerce site that their customers would absolutely love.
Web Design
Software Development
Dreaming big about Mainers rocking the comfiest clothes, Shapleigh reached out to us for help. They needed a website that would capture their essence and present their clothing in a user-friendly way with captivating visuals. We ensured that this website had an amazing market reach and a strong connection to their sister brand, Emerald River of Maine.
Timeless Logo, Vintage Vibes
Crafting a compelling logo and cohesive branding is crucial for creating an unforgettable online presence. That’s why we devised a timeless logo and branding that perfectly embodies the vintage charm and easy-going vibe of Shapleigh.
From Bland to Brand with a Color Refresh

We refreshed the color palette with shades of blue, complemented by a playful pop of red and peach salmon. The result? A visual identity that’s enhanced with a vibrant touch.

Maine's Essence in Imagery

We chose imagery that captures the essence of Maine and its outdoor activities, showing the way life should be. 

Making Buying a Breeze
With Shapleigh's excellent product quality, we knew customers would be eager to get their hands on them quickly. That's why we've prioritized a seamless shopping experience, making it effortlessly easy with a clean and friendly user interface.
A Personalized Touch
We added a personalized touch to the website by crafting a dedicated "About Us" page. This ensured a stronger connection with the audience, creating a warm and welcoming tone for the website.
Design for Every Screen & Size

We created a responsive design, which ensured an optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

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Orion Alden
Megan Lumenello
Content Director
Sasa Jovanovic
Meet Side•Sea
We teamed up with Shapleigh to craft a user-friendly e-commerce site, a timeless logo, a lively color palette, captivating imagery, and a responsive design. We aimed to capture the essence of Shapleigh online - where comfort meets awesome. The result? A seamless and inviting experience for everyone.
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