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Puvema, a life-transforming wellness movement, needed assistance in creating a fresh-looking website to take everyone’s health journey to the next level. By harmonizing captivating visuals with compelling content, the Puvema website focuses on evidence-based approaches to holistic wellness. This ensures that all users can become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.
Logo Design
Software Development
Web Design
Puvema is not your ordinary wellness company! It embodies a holistic approach to health and wellness, representing a movement where individuals are empowered to transform their lives for the better. The focus was to create an inspiring website that guides people to embrace lifestyle medicine, making healthier choices a natural part of their daily routine. This exciting project included fresh branding and logo design, accompanied with thoughtfully crafted messaging. All this was designed to show that a positive change is not only possible but also within everyone’s reach.
Crafting Standout Logos

Creating a fresh logo for Puvema was a great opportunity to dive deep into the essence of the brand. During the initial logo design phase, we explored various directions. We used the trusty old paper and pen technique, and kept doodling our ideas until we found the perfect logo look.

Explore & Create
We believe in the power of exploration and the discovery of various shapes, typography, and ideas that truly stand out. This is precisely what we did for Puvema, which resulted in a creation of a website that is not only visually appealing but also highly functional.
Discovering the Perfect Logo and Color Palette

The design team collaborated on many different logo concepts and ultimately landed on a typography-driven logo that’s sleek and memorable. After lots of tweaks and creative experiments, the final outcome was a timeless and refined logo alongside a color palette that strikes a balance between elegance and a playful, forward-moving spirit.

Finding the Right Messaging

People want to work on their health, but they often get discouraged and overwhelmed by the flood of confusing information online. Our goal was to break this cycle, so we crafted messaging that is crystal clear, engaging, and welcoming.

A Journey Towards Timeless Branding

While developing the brand guide, we created multiple mockups and assets to visualize how this brand would come to life in the real world. 

Designing a Dynamic Website
We took it a step further and crafted a dynamic website that not only showcases Puvema’s services but also engages users with interactive quiz pop-ups and informative educational content throughout the blog section. This gives the user a feeling of being heard and a part of an open conversation.
Orion Alden
Megan Lumenello
Content Director
Yoon Kim
Megan Mitchell
Tyler Moulton
Zane Griffin
Meet Side•Sea
I love working with the side•sea team. In both the design and development realms, they help me take the mojo behind my wellness-coaching practice/business and powerfully communicate it through my website. They make it very easy for me to let people know how I can help them and how we can get in touch about working together.
Jason Gootman
Founder & CEO, Puvema
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