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Sketching a Success Story of Rebranding
The Maine Philanthropy Center needed a brand refresh to ensure its standout online presence. At side•sea, we were thrilled to take on this creative challenge. From the first pencil sketches to the final vibrant brand reveal, we crafted a makeover that truly reflects the spirit of MPC's mission.
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The Maine Philanthropy Center (MPC) is a place where big hearts meet big ideas. This hub connects people and organizations across Maine, all united in their mission to make a difference. With resources, training, and an incredible network, MPC’s generosity helps to transform good intentions into impactful actions. It's more than giving; it's giving smart and making every act of kindness count. Inspired by their story, we embarked on a journey of ultimate rebranding.
Journeying from Basics to Brainstorms

At side•sea, the journey to bring MPC’s vision to life began with the simplest of tools: pencil and paper. This hands-on approach allowed our creative minds to explore, sketch, and brainstorm, turning abstract ideas into tangible concepts. This creative process, rooted in tradition and simplicity, was the foundation for a successful rebranding strategy that would embody MPC’s mission and values.

Paper to Pixel Perfection

From sketch to screen, we transformed hand-drawn logos into multiple digital masterpieces. This blend of artistry and technology crafted various options, each a digital echo of the original sketch, yet highly unique. Working hand-in-hand with the client, we sifted through different digital logo options. Together, we picked one that kept the original’s charm and hit the heart of MPC’s mission. The final logo shines online, capturing MPC’s spirit on any screen.

Logos That Truly Resonate
After landing on the perfect logo, our creativity continued to flow. We crafted a series of unique variations, designed to please any eye. The client was then invited to select four logos that resonated the most. This move not only preserved the essence of MPC's brand but also infused it with a dynamic flair, ready for any platform.
Crafting Logos Through Collaboration
After getting our clients' gut reactions, we've landed on four logos that we feel truly resonate with MPC and who they are. Working together made all the difference, from what started as ideas on paper to executing a vision.
A Recipe for Visual Harmony
We know that adding color means adding life. Finding the right colors for a logo requires another deep exploration of many combinations and seeing where it leads you. It’s like picking the right spices for a dish. Certain combinations of flavors (or colors) will complement each other more than others. It is all about finding that perfect blend of flavors that makes the vision feel like home.
A Color Palette with Everyone in Mind

Choosing the ideal color palette involves more than just aesthetic appeal. It’s about ensuring that the colors not only harmonize but also function effectively in practical scenarios, especially when thinking about ADA compliance. You want to select colors that have enough contrast with one another but also work in harmony, and tell a story in the most compelling way.

Melodic Shapes of a Unique Brand

Just like choosing the perfect color palette, selecting the right shapes for rebranding is an art in itself. Think of it as crafting a signature melody, where every note contributes to the harmony. We delved into the finalized logo while extracting and experimenting with its elements to compose playful patterns and graphics. These designs, now part of MPC’s brand library, are versatile enough for use across websites, marketing materials, billboards, and more.

Messaging That Touches Hearts
Crafting messages that resonate with MPC's audience is like tuning into the right frequency. It's about listening closely, and then translating that into words that create connection. We craft words with care and precision, ensuring each message not only reaches but also touches the hearts of our community.
Our Secret Sauce
In our rebranding journey for MPC, compelling headlines played an important role. They were our secret sauce that added zest to our communication strategy. With each headline, we aimed to capture the essence of MPC's mission, sparking curiosity and engaging the audience from the get-go.
Visually Unique, Uniquely MPC

Choosing the right imagery for MPC’s brand was like curating an art gallery, where every picture tells a part of its story. Together, we chose images that not only captured attention but also spoke directly to the hearts of their audience.

The Anatomy of MPC's Brand

Developing the branding book for MPC was like mapping the DNA of its brand identity. This creative and detailed guide serves as the cornerstone, detailing every aspect from logo usage to color palettes, typography, imagery, and messaging.

Orion Alden
Maggie Nugent
Content Director
Megan Mitchell
Yoon Kim
Tyler Moulton
Karla Harkness
Project Manager
Sasa Jovanovic
Zane Griffin
Darryl Tait
Junior Developer
Meet Side•Sea
In a vibrant journey of creativity and collaboration, side•sea and the Maine Philanthropy Center embarked on a rebranding adventure, starting from the humble beginnings of pencil sketches to a dynamic digital presence. Each step, from selecting the perfect logo to mixing the right color palettes and crafting messages that resonate, was a testament to the power of partnership and innovation. Together, we've not only refreshed a brand but also sparked the spirit of philanthropy in Maine.
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