Seniors Plus • Non-Profit
Live Well, Age Well
SeniorsPlus was looking for a web design that’s easy to understand and navigate while showcasing the community and care that goes into the services they provide.
Web Design
SeniorsPlus is a non-profit that is dedicated to providing an array of services and support to older people and adults with disabilities so they can lead enriched and healthy lives. They needed an inviting web design that reflected their ethos and easily understood by anyone visiting the site.
Creating a Calm and Reflective Space

First we went to work and updated their color palette to help bring their site to life. We crafted a color palette that revolved around calming blue and green with splashes of purple to accentuate the various calls to action.

Snapshots and First Impressions
We worked closely with the client to curate a lively image gallery that conveys a trustworthy, caring and friendly environment. Carefully selecting the type of stock photography for your brand is crucial for conveying your message effectively. Choosing the right images enhances the authenticity of your website and strengthens the connection with your audience.
Designed with the User in Mind
We designed and built out an interactive calendar that could clearly showcase all of the monthly SeniorPlus events along with interactive links that lead to their own individual pages where the visitor can learn more or register.
Simple and Seamless
Donations are a key part of SeniorsPlus being able to provide such great services, so it was very important to create and strategically place clear calls to action across the site along with a simple and seamless donation platform.
Joining the Effort
Volunteering was another priority for the client. We collaborated with them to develop a user-friendly platform that showcases the various ways people can volunteer, track current volunteer needs, and quickly answer frequently asked questions.
Customized Application

We built out a custom Volunteer Application to make sure the process of signing up is as painless as possible. Crafted with the user in mind, the Volunteer Application welcomes you with open arms and ensures a smooth and hassle-free enrollment.  

Let's work together to bring your vision to life.
Orion Alden
Megan Lumenello
Content Director
Irel Pavlovich Campoy
Zane Griffin
Meet Side•Sea
Collaborating with SeniorsPlus was a delight. Their clear vision and seamless cooperation made our task enjoyable. The goal was to create an intuitive and easy -to-use website that vividly conveyed SeniorsPlus' profound impact on our local communities and the final result left everyone beaming, eager to launch the site.
Orion Alden
Creative Director
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