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Viewshed came to side●sea for a beautiful website that not only explains their products and services, but helps them bring in new clients. They needed assistance explaining the value and solutions they provide.
Web Design
VIEWSHED is a woman-owned business based in Yarmouth, Maine. It was established through the union of Terrence J. DeWan & Associates (TJD&A) and Spatial Alternatives. This collaboration merges established practices in landscape architecture, planning, GIS, visual assessment, and community engagement that enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of design and planning services.
Topographic Appeal

Choosing a background is always a challenge. For this section, we needed to fill whitespace in a simple way that would still make the text easier to read. So we opted for a minimal topographic pattern. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it mimics the creative and technical work Viewshed does for its clients.

Perspective Playground

It’s possible to look at one thing in several different ways and have several different perspectives. Just as Viewshed looks at the land with different perspectives, we liked the idea of having one background image that has four tiles with links to a page for each service they provide. 

Organized Exploration

One of the most important elements of this project was creating a portfolio of the client’s previous work. In the portfolio, we have projects organized by the service provided, with a tab to view everything together. Users are able to see everything at a glance and fully realize Viewshed’s potential.

Dynamic Storytelling
If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is a series of moving pictures, how many words is it worth? In order to bring this site to life, we utilized hero videos with subtle movement to convey the feeling of being there in the moment. We wanted to feature large images for portfolio pieces so users can get a sneak preview of the work that went into each project.
A Unique Grid System
At side●sea, we love a good grid system. It’s the perfect way to showcase several options simultaneously. But we wanted to do something different because we wanted to create an exciting user experience that wouldn’t get boring visually. We utilized large and small squares to create a grid system with rows of two and rows of three to add some variety to the portfolio.
Karla Harkness
Project Manager
Orion Alden
Maggie Nugent
Content Director
Hunter McPeak
Tim Hunt
Junior Developer
Meet Side•Sea
Viewshed came to side●sea for a conversion-centric website that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but explains the solutions they provide and brings in new clients. A portfolio utilizing extra large images shows previous projects in a visually compelling way, showing users Viewshed’s potential. Topographical patterns and landscape imagery capture the technical aspects of the organization’s work in addressing complex challenges.

With a landing page showcasing their available services, users can see at a glance what Viewshed can do for them. Clicking on a block opens a service single page that provides more information regarding the service as well as links to specific portfolio pieces, making it easy to see this service in action. A minimal navigation bar simplified the user experience, ultimately leading to a contact form that streamlines communication. With this new tool, Viewshed can continue to offer a comprehensive suite of design and planning services.
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