Dandelion Spring Farm • Local Business
Fresh Produce, Fresh Website
Dandelion Spring Farm’s produce is always as fresh as it gets, ready to feed the people of Maine. Their old website needed that same love and tending, and we were beyond excited to help them create a fresh, fruitful website.
Web Design
Software Development
Dandelion Spring Farm, located on unceded Wabanaki land in central Maine, is among 500+ Certified Organic farms and processors in the state, passionate about cultivating MOFGA certified organic vegetables and herbs. They reached out to us for help in creating a clean, organic website with lots of nature-inspired colors and shapes. We listened carefully to their ideas and were able to make their dreams a reality.
Impactful Imagery

Dandelion Spring Farm already had some truly amazing imagery that we were able to incorporate into the design. We wanted to show people in action, vividly illustrating the impact their dedication makes. The up-close imagery featuring their produce and farmers effectively highlighted the organic, fresh appeal of the website.

The Art of Typography

The usage of an elegant serif typeface, along with captivating photos, serves to evoke an inspiring narrative and immerse the audience in a captivating storytelling experience.

Enhancing Organic Feel

As we were discussing ways to bring out that organic feel even more, we agreed that incorporating plant illustrations was the ideal approach. The addition of artful illustrations beautifully complements the brand’s warm, vintage-inspired aesthetic. 

Seamless Navigation
Dandelion Spring Farm wanted to improve their customers' shopping experience. With our valuable expertise and extensive experience, we ensured the new website offered a seamless shopping journey through a user-friendly shop page, complete with convenient filters and captivating product imagery.
Crafting Authenticity through Messaging
We worked with our client on creating a dedicated 'About' page that authentically portrays their story and values. The right messaging is crucial to any website, and we made sure that our words matched perfectly with our client’s ideas.
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Orion Alden
Maggie Nugent
Content Director
Tyler Moulton
Karla Harkness
Project Manager
Sasa Jovanovic
Zane Griffin
Darryl Tait
Junior Developer
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Dandelion Spring Farm, a local business, partnered with us to refresh their website, integrating impactful imagery and nature-inspired elements. The revamp emphasized a seamless shopping experience and authentic pages, aligning their story and values with engaging messaging.
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