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Green Truck, a Maine-based cannabis company that offers a wide array of products and services, needed a highly-functional and robust website that could clearly communicate with and service their multiple audiences.
Software Development
Web Design
Green Truck is so much more than a retail cannabis shop. With farm and lab operations, Green Truck is able to grow, process, and manufacture cannabis products for other retailers, while still operating two popular retail locations themselves. With so many verticals, Green Truck knew they needed a website that could properly serve their different customers. Not only that, but as they expanded their services and capabilities, they needed a brand refresh that would help establish them as the industry leaders they are. With this in mind, we kicked off a multi-phase project that included branding, web design, e-commerce, and a custom portal for processing manufacturing orders.
A Logo Refresh

We were all big fans of Green Truck’s logo, but agreed it could use a slight update. Sometimes, even the smallest of tweaks can take logo design to the next level. We cleaned up the lines of the truck and created a smaller version of the logo with less detail so it wouldn’t appear too cluttered at a smaller size. 

Finding the Perfect Patterns

Green Truck liked the idea of branded patterns that represented each vertical of their operation: Farm, Lab, and Shops. Our design team got to work on putting together different icons and pattern designs that Green Truck could use on both their site and other marketing materials to help identify the various services and verticals they offer.

A Differentiating Color Palette

As more and more cannabis companies pop up in Maine, we start to notice popular design trends in the industry. We kept this in mind as we worked on a branding foundation that would differentiate Green Truck from the pack. While lots of cannabis companies rely on bright, clean color palettes, Green Truck wanted a darker, more theatrical and urban feel. Using dark green as our main brand color set the tone and really allowed Green Truck’s impressive imagery to pop on the page.

Creating Timeless Brand

Green Truck’s final brand guideline is a compilation of typography, colors, iconography, and imagery that come together to create a cohesive and memorable brand. Green Truck can use the branding elements we created for them in all their marketing materials and merchandise going forward.

Bringing the Site to Life
We used a combination of animation and video backgrounds to keep Green Truck’s design lively and engaging. Throughout the site, icons sway, bubble, and light up, and video plays in the background of certain sections, making the site feel full of activity and life.
A Custom Customer Portal
A big part of Green Truck’s business is growing, manufacturing, and processing cannabis for wholesale. After completing the design phase of the site, our programmers got to work building a backend portal that allowed wholesale customers to log in and make orders, track progress, and view invoices. Green Truck can use the portal to track progress and manage invoices on their end as well.
Integrated E-Commerce
For individual customers wanting to browse Green Truck’s retail offerings, the site offers users two options: to shop for merch and CBD products on the site’s online store, or to purchase THC products on Weedmaps, a third party platform that services cannabis pickup and delivery in Maine.
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Karla Harkness
Project Manager
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Content Director
Alex Brown
Tyler Moulton
Hunter McPeak
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A Full Service Site for a Full Service Company
The finished Green Truck website is a great example of not needing to sacrifice design for functionality or vice-versa. A strong collaboration between Green Truck and side • sea allowed us to bring their vision to life, leaving no stone unturned. The result is a beautiful website that reflects Green Truck’s brand, values, and expertise, while remaining highly accessible and functional. The site not only showcases and informs, it acts as a powerful sales and production tool.
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