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With the increasing popularity of both medicinal and recreational cannabis in Maine, the demand for safety testing has grown in tandem. Our collaboration with Indicative Testing led to the creation of a sleek and modern website that aimed to effectively convey their high level of expertise and state-of-the-art technology in the field of cannabis testing.We achieved this through the incorporation of scientific imagery and bold colors to enhance and complement their informative content.
Web Design
Indicative Testing is the only locally owned and operated cannabis lab in Maine offering an array of cannabis testing services for medical and home grown cannabis cultivators. Indicative Testing was looking for a visually captivating and user-friendly website that would spotlight both the science and the seasoned team behind their analytical tests, serving their clients and community.
Harvesting Digital Design

To convey the complexity of services at Indicative Testing, we merged impactful imagery with precise lines, creating a meta-representation of the meticulous precision required in something as complex as cannabis testing.

Dark Palette, Bright Insights

Our design emphasis was on vibrant scientific imagery paired with bold colors against a dark background. This approach immerses visitors, offering them a front-row experience of the captivating and intricate processes provided by Indicative Testing.

Sophistication and Letterform

Selecting an appropriate typeface and font to complement the compelling imagery and clarify Indicative Testing’s intricate services was pivotal. Our choice of Sans Serif maintains a simplicity, cleanliness, and inviting quality throughout.

A Vivid Welcome
The website begins with the industry-standard age gate, introducing the visitor to the brand's clean lines and vivid color palette right from the start, setting the tone for the entire site.
Keeping Things Simple
It’s not hard to imagine getting lost trying to navigate something as technical as an analytical cannabis testing website. That’s why we worked to create a sleek and simple user interface that gets visitors where they need to go without hassle and distraction.
Cultivated Alchemy
Using bold purple as the icon color against a sleek black and gray backdrop, we've crafted unique icons that blend timeless cannabis leaf imagery with the professional laboratory themes synonymous with Indicative Testing. They beckon you to explore and learn more.
Elevated Exploration
Our collaboration with Indicative Testing resulted in creating an intuitive, distraction-free user interface that streamlines the visitor's experience. By eliminating unnecessary distractions, we harnessed the power of clean lines and a sleek sans-serif font to highlight captivating imagery and relevant content.
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