Providentia Group • PLLC
Building a Better, More Equitable Future
Providentia Group PLLC was seeking a new website aligned with their mission, values, and passion. We partnered with them to create a memorable online platform. The final result was a user-friendly website that serves as a free resource center for both their existing and potential clients.
Web Design
Software Development
Providentia Group, a BIPOC-led legal and consulting firm, supports diversity, equity, and inclusion while empowering business owners through accessible guidance. They were looking to build a strong footprint, presence, and reputation in Maine. We were able to get them one step closer to their dream by rebranding their website and creating a compelling and trustworthy online presence.
Empowering Imagery of Equitable Tomorrow

The image selection focuses on portraying women of color to highlight the diverse and inclusive nature of their business. It serves as an inspiring reminder that a better, more equitable future is ahead.

Elegant and Classy Color Scheme
The website features an elegant and classy color scheme, which not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also reflects the professionalism and sophistication of the brand. We carefully selected a color palette that perfectly complements Providentia Group's new brand identity.
Taking it Back to the Roots

As part of their rebranding, we integrated mythology-inspired elements throughout the site, drawing from the elegance and cultural heritage associated with Providentia. These elements symbolize strength and endurance, perfectly aligning with Providentia Group’s commitment to resilience and long-lasting impact. In Roman religion, Providentia symbolized divine foresight and provision, serving as a key aspect of understanding right and wrong. 

Inclusive Resource Center and Training Hub
The goal was to create a go-to spot for clients to find helpful resources free of charge. The education section and training platform on the website are all about sharing knowledge and encouraging businesses to be more inclusive.
Where Equity Leads
Providentia Group, a Maine-based law firm, stands out as both Black-owned and woman-owned. Committed to crafting a future where everyone has equal opportunities, the firm inspires with its dedication to supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs. Blending over 30 years of business and legal wisdom, Providentia Group excels in delivering top-tier service and deeply engaging with clients.
Voices of Impact
Incorporating testimonials on Providentia Group's website serves as a powerful testament to their impact and excellence. These personal stories resonate with authenticity, adding a human touch that both inspires trust and showcases the firm's commitment to its clients.
Keeping You Posted

Integrating a news section on Providentia Group’s website is a dynamic way to keep clients and visitors informed and engaged. This feature serves as a window to the latest developments and achievements.

Let's work together to bring your vision to life.
Orion Alden
Maggie Nugent
Content Director
Alex Brown
Zane Griffin
Tyler Moulton
Karla Harkness
Project Manager
Meet Side•Sea
We crafted a user-friendly website for Providentia Group, bringing their vision to life with captivating imagery and an elegant design. Drawing inspiration from a warm and welcoming color palette and aesthetic, the use of purple represents royalty, empowering women and people of color. We were beyond excited to be a part of building a better, more equitable future.
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