Siddhartha School Partnership • Nonprofit
Weaving Together Harmony & Heritage
Siddhartha School Partnership is a school based in Ladakh, India, where culture and heritage are important parts of the curriculum. We wanted to design a site that reflected that heritage and the wonderful work SSP has done.
Web Design
When we first met the folks at Siddhartha School Partnership, they were going through a bit of a rebranding and restructuring. They were broadening their scope beyond their physical school in Ladakh, India, and starting to create partnerships with other schools and organizations around the world. As a nonprofit, they wanted to ensure that their messaging was reaching a large audience. They needed a modern, functional website to help usher them into this new era, and we were more than happy to deliver.
The Colors of Ladakh

Our design team was lucky to have such a beautiful location to use as inspiration. Ladakh, India is located in the Himalayas, and we pulled the vibrant blue from the sky and the light brown from the slopes of the mountains, where the elevation is so high you won’t see any greenery. The red and gold colors that we used to complete the color palette are inspired by the traditional robes worn by Buddhist monks.

The Faces of Siddhartha School

SSP came to us with some pretty incredible photography and video assets, which always makes our job easier. We used their beautiful imagery of their students, school, and surroundings liberally throughout the site to add vibrant color and to tell the story of Siddhartha School.

Harmony and Heritage

With a color palette established and beautiful, vivid imagery to choose from, our copywriter added the finishing touch on our hero banner, creating a simple line that summed up Siddhartha School Partnership in just a couple words: “Finding Harmony & Heritage in Education.

A Sense of History and Pride
Siddhartha School is a beautiful place with an interesting history. When designing the site’s About page, we used the beige from our color palette and layered imagery and color blocks on top of each other to achieve a sort of old scrapbook aesthetic. It gives the page a sense of history and pride.
A Library of Teachings
A central figure of SSP is Rinpoche, the Buddhist monk who founded the school in 1995. A world-renowned teacher, SSP had a full video library of his teachings, which we organized on a gated page that users can access after filling out a simple form. They’ll then receive a link and password in their inbox which leads them to the video library. This allows SSP to collect email addresses and stay in touch with those interested in Rinpoche and Siddhartha School.
Meet the Students
One of the ways users can support Siddhartha School Project is by sponsoring a student at the school. Again, we put SSP’s amazing photography to work, creating a grid of happy student photos. In the middle of the grid, we feature a testimonial of a past sponsor. Both the imagery and words create a strong case for becoming a sponsor.
Creation Connections through Art
The Hero Exchange is another program under the Siddhartha School Partnership umbrella, in which schools from around the world create art based on a prompt. The Hero Exchange collects that art and shows it together in an exhibit, connecting students from different cultures. We had fun using the colorful illustrations made by the students to liven up our page.
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Meet Side•Sea
The design team was really inspired by the beautiful location of Siddhartha School Project in Ladakh, India. Located high in the Himalayas, above tree-line, it has such a unique juxtaposition of colors, from the vibrant blues and reds that we see in the sky and the robes of the Buddhist monks, to the more muted beige, brown, and whites we see in the sandy, snow-capped mountains. Between the amazing location and beautiful imagery they provided, creating a compelling, breathtaking design was an enjoyable task.
Orion Alden
Creative Director
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