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Tech:nyc, side·sea, and e9 partnered to create a new indicators page showcasing the work of a multi-year research initiative measuring the impact of NYC’s tech sector. It needed to present a strong case for investing in New York’s tech sector in a visually-appealing way.
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Tech:NYC is an engaged network of tech leaders working to foster a dynamic, diverse, and creative New York. They bring together New Yorkers to support a successful technology ecosystem, attract and retain top-tier talent, and celebrate New York and the companies that call it home. More than 800 members strong, they mobilize the expertise and resources of the tech sector of work with city and state government and civic stakeholders to ensure New York remains the best place to build and grow a tech company.
Show Me the Facts

In order to present a compelling case, you need to present evidence. For this site it was imperative to present bite-sized fast facts that readers can see at a glance. Using typographical hierarchy and different colors, we draw the eye to important information that will motivate users to learn more.

Different Ways to Educate

One of the number one things employers look for when choosing a location for their business is the education and skills of the local population. Therefore, it was essential to mention all workforce development programs dedicated to training the workforce. The design team utilized various formats to educate and engage users, providing links to learn more.

Opportunity Awaits
Investors and entrepreneurs look to the job market to determine if the market is growing or shrinking. With a link to a job board, it’s easy to see which companies are hiring and for what positions, indicating whether or not there is an opportunity for growth. The job board is easy to access and navigate, and its responsive design makes it legible across various devices.
Statistics At A Glance

Here is an alternative way the site presents fast facts and quick stats about the business environment in New York. Using the same format used above would quickly bore users. The user can quickly and easily discern information using left-right arrows and typographical hierarchy.

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Through the partnership of side·sea and e9, we created a new page for Tech:NYC. This new indicators page showcases the work of a multi-year research initiative measuring the impact of NYC’s tech sector. Not only did it need to present a strong case for investing in New York’s tech sector, but it needed to do so in a way that won’t bore or overwhelm users. The design team utilized various formats to present facts at a glance, with links to learn more information. With this indicators page, employers looking to start or move their tech businesses to New York can easily learn about the ecosystem, job opportunities, funding sources, sector highlights, workforce education programs, and the social impact of fellow tech companies. Plus, a news feed shows the latest events in the city that never sleeps.
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