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Tap into a Tidy Life
Tidy Tapper is a revolutionary system designed to help people once and for all get a handle on their clutter. As a new venture, Tidy Tapper was starting from scratch when it came to branding and messaging.
Logo Design
Web Design
When we met Tidy Tapper founder Bettina Blanchard, she was overflowing with excitement and ideas for her new company. Bettina had been working on the project for years in different capacities, and was finally ready to officially launch her new program that integrated Emotional Freedom Techniques, or “tapping,” into her already successful organization program. With no assets created yet, it was side • sea’s job to take Bettina’s vision and turn it into an eye-catching, cohesive brand, as well as a website that could drive people to sign up for Tidy Tapper’s online courses and resources.
Setting the Groundwork

As always, we kicked the branding portion of this project off with a Discovery process that involved showing our client different imagery, typography, color palettes, and logo styles in order to get a sense of their aesthetic preferences. Bettina was really drawn to bright, clear imagery and pop colors.

Putting Pencil to Paper

Once we got a clear sense of what Tidy Tapper was drawn to visually, we started the logo creation process. This always starts the old-fashioned way: by putting pencil to paper. Once logos have been digitized in Adobe Illustrator, the team picks three finalists to present. We want to make sure the three options are incredibly diverse, giving the client three different directions they could pursue.

Finalizing the Logo

Bettina was drawn to the house icon with the pointed finger, which combined her two methods of organization – decluttering and tapping. We finalized the mark with a few small tweaks, like adding a chimney to the house icon, and then incorporated the color palette to the logo for the finished product. 

Creating a Messaging Framework

Another important part of the branding process was the messaging framework. We always start this process by identifying the client’s Key Features, or the things that set them apart and make them unique. From there, we take those Key Features and boil them down further into a Benefit Statement – a 1-2 sentence description of the benefits they provide to their customers. Next, we create a Value Proposition, which is often used as the company’s tagline. Bettina chose the “Tap into a Tidy Life!”

The Branding Bible

Once logo, messaging, and other branding elements are finalized, we put it all together in a branding guide, which Tidy Tapper can use as a resource as they continue to expand and create assets. A branding guideline includes the brand’s typography, color palette, messaging, logo, and guidelines on how to best use these assets.

A Clean, Uncluttered Design
With branding in place, we got started on the web design. Since Tidy Tapper is all about reducing clutter, it was really important that we created a super clean, organized design. Messaging was kept incredibly concise and simple, and we utilized white space and a lot of clean, bright imagery for a neat and focused user experience.
Guiding the User
The main purpose of the Tidy Tapper website was to drive users to either purchase the Tidy Tapper Guide or sign up to become a Tidy Tapper member. This meant making sure there were very clear calls to action for users who had just landed on the site, and that the general flow of the website led first and foremost to these actions.
Integrating the Right Tools
A bulk of what happens on the Tidy Tapper website happens once a user registers to join the Tidy Tapper Club. We used a third party company called Simplero, which provides an all-in-one platform for educators to teach their courses. When a user hits the “Register Now” button on the Tidy Tapper site, they’ll be redirected to the Simplero registration page.
Adding Value for Non-Members
Although much of Tidy Tapper’s resources are reserved for members, we also wanted to ensure we were offering free resources for exploratory users of the site. We created a simple blog page that allows Bettina to share her thoughts and resources free of charge.
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side•sea is a one-stop shop for beautiful, high quality, and creative web solutions. They ensured no stone was left unturned, from design concept and content, to branding and SEO. Professional, knowledgeable, and accessible, the team took a complex development process and walked me through to completion. They have my highest regard and recommendation!
Bettina Blanchard
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