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Web Journey of Reimagination
Wood & Stone’s website transformation was a journey of reimagination, guided by our creative team’s keen insight and innovative tools. With a deep understanding of their unique narrative and aesthetics, we built a website that’s not only user-centric but also seamlessly blends elegance with functionality.
Software Development
Web Design
The process of remodeling and building stunning interiors begins with a website that is equally striking. Wood & Stone assists people in crafting beautiful spaces, and we partnered with them to help them revamp their old website. They wanted to showcase the premium quality of their products, their durability, and unique designs. With these goals in mind, we created a website that is all that and even more.
The Beauty of Artisan Craft

The distinct charm of Wood & Stone lies in the unique character of their handmade products. Our goal was to showcase the meticulous craftsmanship by highlighting the stunning imagery of their offerings.

Seamless Navigation for Perfect Purchases

We integrated product imagery into the website, while also ensuring it is easy for users to navigate and make their perfect purchase. E-commerce websites are often needlessly complicated, so we made sure Wood & Stone website offered the flawless user experience.

The Charm of Southwest Colors
Wood & Stone sought a color refresh that integrated elements of southwestern color palettes. After experimenting with various color schemes and getting our client’s gut reactions, we eventually discovered the one that truly made a difference, contributing to a contemporary, sleek, and sophisticated design.
Transforming Spaces & Lives
We enhanced their website with a strategic addition - testimonials, the heartwarming stories of successful transformations. Genuine testimonials showcase the impact and results of their work, and the tangible difference Wood and Stone makes in people’s homes and lives.
Services That Set the Standard
Wood & Stone specializes in direct-source residential and commercial remodeling, with a focus on kitchens, entertainment centers, bathrooms, and retail spaces. Their distinct offering sets them apart from organizations that may provide retail, design, or general remodeling services. They also provide expert design assistance to bring everyone’s vision to life.
Helping you Navigate with Confidence
After discussing with our client how best to assist their customers in navigating the process, we decided to implement a visitor's guide on their website. This guide includes detailed, clear, and highly engaging instructions for each step of the process.
Exploring Wood & Stone in 3D
To improve user experience, we introduced a 3D showroom feature on the website. The 3D showroom video proved to be the perfect addition, aiding users in making informed decisions about the right products and services for their needs.
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Orion Alden
Megan Lumenello
Content Director
Anja Sevo
Zane Griffin
Tim Hunt
Junior Developer
Luka Lazovic
QA Software Engineer
Meet Side•Sea
Wood & Stone, an e-commerce company, reached out to us for a website upgrade, dedicated to delivering a user-friendly experience. They proudly present hand-crafted products with a magic touch of the Southwest, specializing in both residential and commercial remodeling. They prioritize easy navigation and offer clear instructions through a visitor's guide that makes their services more accessible. A 3D showroom elevates the user experience, making Wood & Stone your go-to for quality and innovation.
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